Stylish and Contemporary Juicy Couture Handbags

Juicy Couture is the trade name for a modern line of casual and sports apparel that originated in Pacoima, California. The Juicy Couture product range is an outgrowth of a fashion trend in the western coast of the United States that highlighted sports apparel and sweat suits for women. Celebrities who wore them helped popularize the Juice Couture line. Textiles commonly used for these types of clothing are velour, terry, cashmere and fleece.

Juicy Couture has gone beyond the confines of sports and casual clothing products to include fashion accessories. Noteworthy among these fashion accessories is the Juicy Couture handbag, which may be purchased at outlets of the Nordstrom department store chain.

Nordstrom Fashion Retailer

Founded in 1901, this upscale fashion retailer offers an extensive range of women’s, men’s and children’s clothes and accessories through its outlets across the United States. Nordstrom is one company takes prides in its commitment to remain customer-oriented. Among its stated goals is to offer consumers value and the best customer service. In line with this thrust, Nordstrom creates fashion departments based on actual clients’ lifestyles rather than on categories of merchandise. Nordstrom has remained true to its focus even as it grew across the country.

The following is a sampling of a line of Juicy Couture handbags: Equestrian Bowler, ‘Betsy 30’ Key Charm Hobo Bag, ‘Sophie’ Key Charm Tote, ‘Jen’ Tote, ‘Princess Fluff’ Shoulder Satchel and ‘It Girl’ Multi Suede Frame Handbag.

Buying a Juicy Couture Handbag

Whether the Juicy Couture handbag that you are after is original or inspired, and regardless of where you intend to buy a Juicy Couture handbag, it would do you well to take your time before finally arriving at a purchase decision. Doing so makes sure that you get the best deal possible on a Juicy Couture handbag for your money.

If you are exclusively after original Juicy Couture handbags then shopping at their own outlets makes sense. Whatever the case, the options you have as a purchaser remain innumerable, and it is all up to you how you will satisfy your needs within budget. That won’t be very hard though, if you buy a Juicy Couture handbag.

Designer Handbags – Flawless or Faux?

In this day and age everyone is walking around with top designer handbags. Popular handbags such as the Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy are seen everywhere everyday. The catch is however only about 1 in 100 are actually authentic Louis Vuitton bags. Every other one is just a cheap knock-off. A beautiful handbag from afar, but as you get closer all you see is uneven stitching, non-matching logos, and overall, just a cheap, hideous bag. I watch people and I want to know if they even realize what their handbag is? If they know that their purse is trying to be a designer handbag? Or did they just find it at a cheap stand and think it was cute and a good deal?

I also sometimes wonder if it’s too late to come to an end, if the black market has stained our society permanently with billions of crappy knock-off handbags. If everyday for the rest of my life I am forced to look at fake designer handbags that insult the name it’s claiming to be. I just wish the madness would come to an end.

Remembering back when the designer knock-off craze first started to gain popularity. Even I dabbled in it for a while… Well I guess I did more then dabble. I had replica everything: Fake Uggs, Chanel, Juicy, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Dior, Tiffany, Gucci, and even fake Abercrombie and Fitch! I sure did get caught up in that craze! I remember looking in my closet and being fully disgusted with myself! I could barely sleep that night! I had little to be proud of in my closet, not one thing I was dying to wear. I had a pile of crap! I remember the day I bought my first pair of real Gucci sunglasses, that day I vowed never to buy another fake item in my life. How could I after owning the most beautiful sunglasses I’d ever worn? It’s like going from rags to riches, then back to rags again. I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bare myself. I cleaned out my closet, threw out all those insults to society, and made room for the beautiful stuff that would take its place. Now that my closet only holds hang-your-head-up-high handbags, jewelry, clothing and accessories I can sleep soundly at night, knowing I’ll have something eye catching to wear tomorrow.

I want everyone else to realize that those knock-off designer handbags just don’t look good! I checked myself into knock-off rehab, and came out clean, and you can do the same. What can we do as a society to stop the flow of hideous handbags? Well we can boycott the fake handbag industry to start of course, which would hopefully slow down or completely stop the businesses making them. But I’m sure some of you out there think that designer handbags are too expensive and not worth the money. There are many other options! Like buying last season designer handbags, watching for sales, browsing designer outlets and the internet, there are many designer websites with handbags for a fraction of what the store would cost. And those are only a few options! You don’t deserve to wear the name if your willing to wear the knock-off version instead. If you want something that bad you will find a way!

How to Find the Best Price for a Hat

Depending on your budget, a hat that costs $40 may seem expensive, but in the world of fashion, some of the price tags placed on hats and other pieces of clothing are astounding. When browsing expensive hats, a simple selection may fetch hundreds of dollars, leading one to wonder what exactly makes a hat expensive and how can I find the best prices?

What Makes a Hat Expensive?

* Material: There are many different styles of hats, which are made from a variety of materials. For instance, when purchasing a good felt hat, the best selections are often fashioned from fur, such as a farm-bred rabbit, beaver, or wild hare. Through a process of shaving, cleaning, and shrinkage, hair fibers stick to one another, producing a study felt hat. It is believed that beavers generate the thickest and softest hairs; therefore the more fibers used, the smoother the felt feels, and the more durability a hat possesses – the more expensive the hat is priced.

Additional expensive hats by material include handmade straw selections that easily run into the $400 range, top-quality ranchers around $1,000, London-based or Italy-made fedoras for more than $300, and top-grade rabbit and beaver hats selling for as much as $6,000.

* Maker: Just as with the latest trends in clothing, brand names sell, which is why two of the same kind of hats will carry strikingly different price tags. Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabanna, and Versace hats have a reputation of costing more than a hat purchased at the Gap, Old Navy, or Abercrombie and Fitch. Since the maker’s name is stitched inside the hat, possesses a tag with the company name, or showcases the logo in the design of the hat, consumers are satisfied and proud of their purchase.

* Popularity: Fashion is a revolving door and in seconds, the latest trend is yesterday’s news. The industry also undergoes several revamps and upgrades that bring to life a hat style from previous decades. The more popular the hat type or style, the more expensive it will become. If the trend is hot enough, clones of the same type of hat will soon find its way to moderate and inexpensive price ranges.

Where to Shop

There are plenty of places to consider when looking for a new hat. While local shops, mall outlets, and department stores showcase an array of selections; some individuals have found ways to cut corners in order to obtain an expensive hat for less. For starters, deciding whether or not you will accept a used hat is one of the first details to settle upon. Some of the most unique and rare hat finds that would normally cost an arm and a leg can be found at the local Salvation Army or Goodwill.

During the summer season, garage sales blossom about your neighborhood, revealing an intriguing treasure hunt of expensive and unusual hat finds. If you are willing to battle a higher amount of competition, the Internet is also a great place to seek out one-of-a-kind hats that may come used or never worn. Many individuals are able to obtain an expensive hat in this manner without shelling out the full price.

When shopping at high-end stores, such as Gucci, Prada, or Dior, the price of a hat will be much higher than if it came from the mall. Also, location and demand increases the price of a hat. New York City is a great place to locate bargain hats. Sometimes, buying a hat while vacationing in a foreign country will decrease the cost through exchange rates and increased availability.

To purchase a new hat for less, seeking outlet malls, clearance sales, and closeouts is a nice way to locate a better price for an otherwise expensive item. Some individuals are also able to pinpoint the best deals on hats after signing up for online newsletters and electronic alerts that are directly sent through email

Fashion on a Budget

If you like to keep current with fashion trends you may find that it is easy to find beautiful items but hard to keep them in your budget. You don’t have to choose budget friendly items over looking good, instead you just need to know how to shop for those items that are necessary to keep you looking good regardless of what the current fashions are. You may be surprised at just how easy and affordable being fashionable can be! Many times you just have to learn how to think the right way, or just be willing to think outside the box! Being fashionable is more affordable than you might think!

Looking Good Without Going Broke

The most important thing to remember when you are shopping for new fashions is that it is quality, not quantity that is important. Many women try to get too many pieces and that is why their fashion budget is always maxed out. Instead of buying a lot of everything, just buy what you really need. You will find that you can get away with a lot of really basic pieces that will keep you looking fresh and current at all times.

You should also know your body. Many people think that the worst offense is spending more than you have on fashion, what is even more offensive is spending too much on clothes that do not look good on you. Every season there is a look (think skinny jeans) that is very popular but doesn’t work on the majority of body types. Really know what your body looks like and buy the pieces that will make you look as good as possible. You’ll find that you are more fashionable when you wear clothes that fit than you are when they don’t.

Don’t be afraid to go vintage! If your fashion budget is small, you may find that you can find some really great vintage pieces that are just as fashionable as new pieces for less than half the price. Second hand stores can often be a gold mine for great fashions, you just have to be willing to search. Outlet stores are the same way, be willing to search a little bit and you might find that you can double up your very fashionable wardrobe for half as much as you spent last year.

You can also end up being very fashionable because someone bought the wrong size or fashion for themselves. eBay and other auction sites can put you in touch with your favorite designers and styles for a small fraction of what you would pay for the item in a retail setting. You may even get that one piece you have been looking for, with the tags still on it. This is what being a smart fashion buff is all about!